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Images from Aqua Dogs inaugural Dock Diving event at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo. Click on the "Slide Show" button to view full screen.
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SCANDAL Aqua Dogs CPE-0028-EditSCANDAL Aqua Dogs CPE-0035-EditAqua Dogs CPE-0036-EditAqua Dogs CPE-0040-EditAqua Dogs CPE-0043Aqua Dogs CPE-0044Aqua Dogs CPE-0045-EditAqua Dogs CPE-0046-EditAqua Dogs CPE-0047-EditTUCKER Aqua Dogs CPE-0051-EditTUCKER Aqua Dogs CPE-0055-EditTUCKER Aqua Dogs CPE-0059-EditTUCKER Aqua Dogs CPE-0062-EditGATOR Aqua Dogs CPE-0071-EditGATOR Aqua Dogs CPE-0072-EditSIREN Aqua Dogs CPE-0096-EditSIREN Aqua Dogs CPE-0100-EditHERO Aqua Dogs CPE-0105-EditHERO Aqua Dogs CPE-0106-EditHERO Aqua Dogs CPE-0107-Edit

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